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  1. Acne Pimple Master Patch Set (90 patches)
  2. Multi Ceramide Cream
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  3. Quick Sunstick Protection Bar SPF 50
  4. AHA BHA Lemon Toner
  5. Master Patch Intensive (36 patches)
  6. Collagen Brigthening Eye Gel Cream
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  7. Bio Watery Sun Cream SPF 50
  8. Porebarrier Tightening Ampoule
  9. Cotton Soft Sun Stick SPF 50
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  10. Tricicabarrier Calming Ampoule
  11. Hybarrier Hyaluronic Cream
  12. Tricicabarrier Soothing Toner
  13. Tricicabarrier Relief Cream
  14. Pretty Easy Glitter Stick
  15. Get Loose Glitter Gel
  16. Pore Barrier Clear Pad
  17. Porebarrier Cleansing Balm
  18. Barrierderm Intensive Cream
  19. Vitamin B Hydrating Gel Cream
  20. Glitterpedia Eye Palette